Nigeria’s Infrastructural Revolution : President Buhari Inaugurates Abuja-Kaduna Line.

Nigeria is expanding her infrastructure on an unprecedented scale. Roads,  bridges, airports you name it. One of the no visible aspect of Nigeria’s infrastructural revolution is in railway. New railways are springing up in nearly every major city in the country.

President Buhari recently commissioned the Abuja Kaduna RIGASA rail service.

2018-04-12 01.07.44



2018-04-12 01.07.19

2018-04-12 00.50.39.png

2018-04-12 00.59.33

2018-04-12 00.52.34

2018-04-12 00.53.00

2018-04-12 00.55.46

2018-04-12 00.56.16

2018-04-12 00.54.36

2018-04-12 00.55.05

2018-04-12 01.19.57

2018-04-12 01.20.27


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