Nigerian Navy Eastern Naval Command.

Eastern Naval Command. Random Imagery

2018-02-25 04.23.43

2018-02-25 04.24.35

2018-02-25 04.19.18

2018-02-25 04.12.38

2018-02-25 04.16.34

2018-02-25 04.15.16

2018-02-25 04.11.25

2018-02-25 04.10.46

2018-02-25 04.17.47

2018-02-25 04.18.25

2018-02-25 04.22.49

2018-02-25 04.25.03

2018-02-25 04.22.10

2018-02-25 04.25.54


2 Replies to “Nigerian Navy Eastern Naval Command.”

  1. Hello Perestroika,
    I must commend you for the great work you are doing. Those of us who are Defence Enthusiasts and are keen on seeing the Nigerian Military develop and own her space in Africa are pleased that someone gives us updates on developments and events- I speak for myself and a good number of friends who I also introduced to your blog.
    I can safely assume that you also own the moniker SSGN (formerly SSBN) on Nairaland.

    However, there are some topics, especially this one on NN Eastern Naval Command where the images don’t upload. kindly check at your end to fix the issue.

    P.S: I am currently redesigning the Insignia and Badges of Nigerian Army Arms and Services and developing a proposal to the Army for that too. Is there any way you can assist me in getting a link to the COAS at the ARMY HQ or The Minuster of Defence, Mansur Ali to see the materials?


  2. Hello there Abiola, thanks for your compliments, and its good to see there are like minded defense enthusiasts out there too, makes the effort worthwhile. Yes I own those monikers on Nairaland.

    As per your request I will get back to you on that shortly.


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